And Another Thing…

I really shouldn’t surf the ‘Net.

Today was a cloudy day in Wickenburg. And I’m trying to get over a cold. So it made perfect sense to spend the day lounging around the house.

I don’t watch much television. There isn’t much on that I like. I have a DVR (like Tivo but for Dish) that I can use to record anything that interests me. Then, when Mike and I need to spend “quality time” together in the evenings, we can put on an episode of Modern Marvels or Nova or maybe even StarGate SG-1 and relax.

Mike was watching ball games all day. So running through a few recorded shows wasn’t really an option for me. (Yes, it’s true. We only have one television. I’m really serious when I say I don’t watch much.)

That left blogging, but I was pretty much all blogged out.

So I surfed. I don’t surf often, either. There’s more junk on the Internet than there is on television. But I do admit that there’s also more interesting stuff on the Internet than there is on television. And today I found some of it.

I read about the blogger who lost his job at Microsoft because he took a photo of Macintosh G5 computers on Microsoft’s loading dock and put them in his blog. I read about the journalist who finally met the blogger who had been slandering him for two years. I read about the high school student who was interviewed by the secret service because of an anit-Bush poster he’d made for a school project.

In between, read a summary of the controversial parts of the Patriot Act, took an IQ test, subscribed to a few NPR podcasts, listened to a podcast about the Dover PA Intelligent Design vs. Evolution trial (on Science Friday), ordered a few writing books and a helicopter calendar from, and made several trips to the kitchen to stir our crockpot dinner.

Then I started browsing through the political articles on Slate, Salon, and The Progressive. As you should know by now, my political leanings are quite a bit left of the current administration. Since the current administration is about as far right as it could get, that puts me somewhere just left of center. And the articles I read about current events — Harriet Miers, Carl Rove, Judith Miller, Iraq, and McCarthy-like incidents all over the country — made me wonder (again) what the hell is going on in this country.

What took the cake, however, was a review of Senator Rick Santorum’s book, It Takes a Family. This guy is really a senator? People voted for him instead of someone else? I’m obviously not the only person who is upset that a man with his beliefs is in public office. I found the Santorum Exposed Web site with lots more information about this self-righteous nut.

So now I’m far more politically up-to-date, even though I lost an entire day to surfing.

But hell, this is better than reality TV. It’s reality.

And you know that truth is stranger than fiction.

What do you think?