Brie with Turkey

I amend one of my blog entries.

I was just reading through a few of the blog entries in this category. I didn’t realize that rain had formed such a big part of my life this winter. The sun is out now, but there are T-storms to the northwest. But that’s not what this blog is about.

It’s about a brie and turkey sandwich. I had one at the Wildflower Bakery in Scottsdale a while back and I mentioned, in the entry where I reported it, that you can’t get a sandwich like that in Wickenburg. That’s what I need to correct. Now you can.

One morning after that lunch in Scottsdale, I stopped in at the Old Nursery Coffee Company, which is my favorite place to get coffee in Wickenburg. Heather, the owner, also has a limited lunch menu. I’m talking really limited: two items. But they’re two good items, especially the chicken tarragon salad sandwich. Yum.

I told Heather about my sandwich. She said, “Ooh, that sounds good.” And then, a week later, she was offering a similar sandwich at the shop.

I had one today and it was good. There’s something about brie with turkey….something I like. She makes it with lettuce and roasted red pepper. I told her to hold the pepper because peppers and I disagree with each other. She offered me tomato but I turned her down. It was fine without it.

So yes, you can get a turkey with brie sandwich right here in Wickenburg. I’m just wondering what else I might find at the Old Nursery from Wildflower’s menu — I dropped it off a few weeks ago to give Heather some other ideas.

What do you think?