I Make a Startling Discovery

People actually READ these blogs!

This weekend, I met — in person and via e-mail — two people who mentioned these blogs.

The first was a man I met at Robson’s. I took him for a helicopter ride and he sat up front in the seat next to mine. He told me, as we flew, that he read what I wrote on wickenburg-az.com. Little alarm bells went off in my head. I said, “Then either you’re going to say nice things or you’re going to try to push me out of the helicopter.”

He laughed and he said that he agreed with much of what I had to say about Wickenburg. He said he was thinking of moving to Wickenburg but he hadn’t decided yet whether it was right for him. He said that the Web site and my blogs were very helpful. Later, I ran into him at Anitas, when we went out for dinner. He told me I needed to put my address on the wickenburg-az.com Web site so people could send contributions to support the site. Wow. I’ll have to do that this week. Hopefully, the people who don’t like what I write won’t track me down to throw eggs at my house.

The other person e-mailed me this weekend. He congratulated me on my helicopter acquisition and mentioned how much he enjoys the blogs. That made me feel pretty good.

I write these blogs as a sort of online journal. I don’t intend them to be informational or educational or entertaining. I just use them as a way to journalize my life. I like to think my life is interesting, but I’m sure it isn’t nearly as interesting as many people’s. I’m glad people find what I write here worth reading.

I have, in the past, been contacted by people who wrote to thank me for some piece of information I covered in my blog entries. For example, a month or so ago, a helicopter pilot who will soon be looking for his first “real” job, wrote to say that he found my commentary on my Papillon job very interesting. It will help him know what to expect when he gets his first job. Other people have used the Comments feature to share their thoughts — or in the case of one person, a correction — to specific entries. I like that because it helps share different viewpoints.

I’ll keep writing these blogs and I guess some people will keep reading them. And even if no one reads them, I’ll keep writing.

What do you think?