Busy Busy Busy

I realize that I’ve been so busy that I haven’t made a blog entry in nearly a week.

I’ve been busy this past week. Too busy to write in my blog.

I’ve been working hard on my latest book, Microsoft Word 2004 for Mac OS X: Visual QuickStart Guide. I was moving along at a pretty good rate — about a chapter a day. I expected to finish it on Friday, but a sudden storm moving in sent me home early that day. I arrived home to get the horses out of their lower corral in the wash just as the water started flowing. So I finished it today. This afternoon and tomorrow, I’ll be going through the edits. The index should arrive from the indexer on Thursday. The book goes to the printer on Friday. I’ve lost count again, but I think this is either my 59th or 60th book. I dedicated it to Ted Waitt, my editor on this project. I’ve kind of run out of people to dedicate books to.

The book has a picture of Ted in it, too. Chapter 17, I think. I don’t remember the page number. There are a few other interesting photos in there, including the one Bert Monroy helped me cook up for Flying M Air marketing materials.

Speaking of that, the postcards I ordered arrived and they look absolutely fabulous. I spent part of today distributing them around town. I picked up the slides last Monday and dropped one of them off at the movie theater when we went to see The Incredibles. (What a really great movie!) It should be in the tray by now.

I also talked to my editor at Informit and she’s very interested in getting some new articles from me. I told her the best time to get work from me is between books, so I guess I’ll have to start producing this week. I figure I’ll knock off 2 to 4 articles for her. I also have to write one for FileMaker Advisor.

Vertical wants to publish my jumper article. I had a nice conversation with the publisher, Mike Reyno, the other day. But I’ve spoken to the folks at Papillon and they’re not too happy about the article coming out. So I’m not quite sure what to do. I certainly don’t want to piss them off.

I ordered and received some Robinson R44 materials, including a maintenance manual, parts catalog, and passenger briefing card. This is all stuff I need for my Part 135 certificate. I haven’t done any work on that since my meeting at the FSDO last Monday.

Today I stopped by Kwikprint to get a tabloid-size document printed (my printer doesn’t print on paper that big). Later I went back with a new order for business cards and letterhead. With luck, that’ll be ready by next week.

On Sunday, I met someone who has read all of my blog entries. She’s married to someone Mike works with down in Phoenix. She and her husband and his mother came up to Wickenburg for the Bluegrass Festival at the rodeo grounds. I didn’t go with them. I’m not much of a bluegrass fan. Anyway, she already knew what I looked like from photos in my blog. She talked to me a little about my entries. It was kind of weird. I didn’t think anyone read what I wrote here. She’s probably reading this right now!

Hello Barbara!

Right now, as I write this, I’m listening to a live audio stream from JFK Ground/Tower. You can listen online via a link on www.liveatc.net. JFK tower is kind of cool because the controller has an unbelievable New York accent. It’s like being back there again. I didn’t think it would work on my Mac, but when I clicked the link, it automatically opened in iTunes and started playing. Way cool.

I also spent a few minutes bothering my brother via MSN Messenger. Why people use chat software when they can just pick up the phone is beyond me. My brother types very slowly. I’d much rather talk to him on the phone than wait for him to type messages to me.

He and his wife and their dog are coming with my sister on Saturday. My mother and stepfather arrive on Tuesday (next, not tomorrow). They’re all coming for Thanksgiving Dinner. So I have to get all my work done this week so I can spent the whole week with all of them.

Two days after all of them leave, Mike’s mother and her friend come for 10 days. Then it’s his turn to do the entertaining. I have to start another book.

Busy busy busy. No wonder I’m so tired at the end of the day.

What do you think?