Three Fingers

A bumper sticker teaches me a new hand signal.

If you’ve been reading these blogs faithfully (I’m impressed and somewhat flattered), you’ll know that I received two Fahrenheit 9/11 bumper stickers in the mail. Partially because I don’t mind stirring up trouble and partially because I thought the colors would look good with my car, I put the sticker on my Honda S2000. The darn thing seems to take up 1/3 of the rear window. (I wasn’t about to put a sticker on the paint.)

Yesterday, I was driving through Wickenburg toward Big O Tires, where Mike was getting an oil change. A white pickup truck pulled up next to me on that two-lane stretch of road and the young man — maybe 25 years old? — in the front held up three spread fingers. I saw him clearly, but had no idea what this meant. He must have thought that I didn’t see it, because he flashed them again. Still no recognition on my part. Then he kind of rolled his eyes and started rolling down his window. I rolled down mine. He yelled out to me, with a big grin on his face, “Bush!”

I laughed hard. I mean really hard. The light bulb had gone on. The three fingers was supposed to be a W. W is the not-so-secret code for George W Bush. I guess most people know this already. But I don’t watch television and I’m not a Republican. So it was completely new to me.

Why flash the W sign at me? Obviously, he’d seen the bumper sticker and wanted to show his support for the other side. I guess he didn’t want to mess up his truck with a Bush/Cheney bumper sticker, which would have been more to the point, and could have shown his support even while he was away from his vehicle, flashing W signs around Arizona on foot.


So now I’m trying to think of a hand signal for the millions of anti-Bush people out there. The people who have lost their jobs, health insurance, or sons over the past four years. The people who remember the days when the U.

S. was a respected world power, not the world’s bully. The people who think the billions of dollars spent in Iraq would do a lot more for us if spent here.

If I come up with one, you’ll learn about it here.

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