If you need to reach me, please use one of the contact methods on this page.

Support and Frequently Asked Questions
If you have a question regarding one of my books, please visit the Maria’s Guides website. That’s where you’ll find support pages for all of my current books. You can post your question in the comments area on the page for the book you have a question about. I simply cannot support books published more than three years ago.

I do not provide support for my books, articles, Web site, or anything else by email, contact form, U.S. mail, or telephone. There are no exceptions to this rule. I simply cannot provide one-on-one support for my work. All support is provided online, on Maria’s Guides, where other people can see and learn from questions and answers.

If you have watched one of my videos and have a question about its content, please use the tools available on that site to ask your question. All support for my courses must go through the site. This is a contractual obligation that I cannot circumvent.

Blog Feedback
If you have a comment about one of my blog entries, use the Comment/Reply link or form for the entry to share it with other site visitors. Rest assured that I’ll read it, too. If I have a response to your comment, that’s where it’ll go.

You can also use comments to report a bad link in a blog post. I appreciate any help I can get tracking down and fixing bad links on any of my sites.

To learn more about how comments are handled on this site, please review the information in my Site Comment Policy. It explains how comments are moderated, both automatically and manually. If a comment you posted has not appeared on this site, this document will probably explain why.

Social Networking
I participate in a limited number of social networks. You might find one of these methods helpful to keep in touch and see what I’m up to.

  • Twitter. I’ve been an active Twitter user since March 2007. My Twitter name is mlanger. Please understand that I don’t automatically reciprocate follows. I do, however, follow people who are interesting and interact directly with me.
  • Facebook. Despite my better judgement, I am on Facebook. You can find me at
  • LinkedIn. I use LinkedIn to keep in touch with people I know through my various profession endeavors. My LinkedIn name is marialanger. I do not accept invitations to connect on Linked in from people I don’t know either directly or through a direct connection.

Career Advice/Pilot Jobs
I cannot provide career advice of any kind, whether you want to be a writer or a helicopter pilot. The posts in this blog have plenty of advice — read them. There’s a pretty good chance that I’ve covered your question here in a blog post.

Special Note to Pilots: My helicopter charter company, Flying M Air, is a single pilot Part 135 operation. I am the pilot. I am not hiring pilots and do not foresee the need to hire pilots anytime in the near or distant future.

Guest Bloggers
This is a personal blog. It does not accept guest posts.

Link Requests
I do not honor requests for links. I am not interested in “reciprocal links.” I link only to products or sites that I have first-hand experience with and find worthy of linking to.

Contact Form
First, read the above. All of it. Now understand that if you contact me by email for any of the above reasons, I’m probably not going to respond.

That said, to reach me by email, fill in the following form.

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