Snowbirding 2017 Postcards: Salton Sea Birds

A few photos from my visit to the Salton Sea. A strangely beautiful, highly saline lake with a lot of birds. Continue reading

Snowbirding 2017: A Trip to the Racetrack

And its fallout. A long drive on a very bumpy road to see a dry lake bed and destroy my truck’s shocks. Continue reading

Snowbirding 2017: Astrophotography

Practice makes perfect. I’m practicing. A few new night sky photos from my journey. Continue reading

Snowbirding 2017: Two Days at the Dunes

With a note about why loneliness doesn’t exist for people who don’t need the company of others. I love my friends, but I don’t need to be with them all of the time. Continue reading

Snowbirding 2017 Postcards: Colorado River Boat Ride

I’d only intended to spend one night at Willow Beach Campground, in preparation for about a week off the grid in the Turtleback as I make my way to Sacramento for my late winter/early spring work. Recharge batteries, dump wastewater … Continue reading

Snowbirding 2017 Postcards: Arizona Hot Springs

I need to start off by saying that these hot springs were, by far, the absolute best hot springs I have ever visited in my life. Tucked away in a slot canyon less than a half a mile from the … Continue reading

Snowbirding 2017 Postcards: A Crazy Day

This one is actually worthy of a full blog post, but I’m too lazy to go out in the rain to fetch my laptop right now, so I’ll use the WordPress app on my iPad and let the photos do … Continue reading