Interesting Links, March 24, 2013

Here are links I found interesting on March 24, 2013:

  • How Apple invites facile analysis – "Conjecture and misunderstanding can trump actual knowledge when it comes to evaluating a company; the hubbub surrounding Apple is a case study."
  • Hey! You! Get off of Google’s cloud! – "The death of Google Reader should remind all of us how vulnerable 'free' software services can be to market pressures…. Free software served from the cloud can vanish overnight, or its features can be altered … without much warning. The same isn’t ordinarily true of software that you install on your own computer, or services that you purchase."
  • Sarah Palin and the rejection of scientific method – "She is like a member of a religious sect that does not allow medicine yet cannot understand why the patient’s condition continues to deteriorate." I still can't understand why they keep letting media whore morons like her speak in public to represent their party. Are they trying to chase away the few educated supporters they have left?
  • Fines Slashed In Grain Bin Entrapment Deaths – A tragic story of deaths due to repeated and willful OSHA violations.
  • The Cash Register Rings Its Last Sale – How mobile devices in the hands of sales staff and customers are replacing traditional cash registers and check-out counters.
  • The Mayor’s Geek Squad – Big data in New York City.
  • Can Wind Turbines Make You Sick? – Or is it just another example of the nocebo effect?

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