Interesting Links, December 2009

Here are links I found interesting in December 2009:

  • It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it – From arrogance to excessive jargon, career consultant Barbara Moses lists nine poor communication habits to avoid. In The Globe and Mail.
  • Image Detection: Watermarking vs. Fingerprinting – A discussion between the two image protection techniques. On
  • Stupid WordPress Tricks – A collection of copy-and-paste HTML/PHP code for use with WordPress.
  • Chopra Attacks Skeptics – “Deepak Chopra, writing for (of course) the Huffington Post, laments about his critics that, “Most of my stinging darts come from skeptics.” So he has decided to attack skeptics and skepticism — a preemptive strike against his critics. Predictably he mangles scientific skepticism, and is content to attack a straw man and then declare victory.” Read more on NeurologicaBlog.
  • Study shows lower autism rate in vaccinated kids – A study just released claims that kids who are vaccinated against measles have a much lower autism rate. What’ll Jenny McCarthy say now?
  • New Agers and Creationists should not be President – New Age beliefs are the Creationism of the Progressives. In Roger Ebert’s Journal.
  • Medieval helpdesk with English subtitles – Helpdesk support back in the day of the middle age with English subtitles. Video on YouTube. Thanks to @Jen4Web for sharing the link. Fun stuff!
  • Clients From Hell – When you think you’ve got it bad dealing with clients or customers, check out this site. Especially hysterical for design professionals. Thanks to @EstherSchindler for sharing the link.
  • 10 Words You Need to Stop Misspelling – A fun illustrated guide to avoiding common spelling/grammar mistakes. By The Oatmeal.
  • The 10 dumbest tech moves of 2009 – Excellent list of idiotic decision making in the tech world. On InfoWorld. Thanks to @estherschindler on Twitter for sharing the link.
  • Aboard That NW Flight: A Neuron Bomb – Clay Farris Naff – Open Salon – The Real Explosive Was In Abdulmutallab’s Mind. On Open Salon by Clay Farris Naff. Thanks to @dcolanduno and @michaelshermer for sharing the link.
  • The Fallout From SD-1544-09-06 : The Feds At My Door – Travel photographer Steven Frischling gets subpoenaed by the Department of Homeland Security. On Flying With Fish. Thanks to @yaksierra for sharing the link.
  • In the gig economy, who protects journalist bloggers? – As newspapers and other mainstream media outlets dismantle their ranks, many pundits have wondered who will be society’s new watchdog. On Chris Around the World. Thanks to @yaksierra on Twitter for sharing the link.
  • Traveling? Better Get a UPS Account – Bad news for photographers who travel with their equipment: they might not be able to get said equipment on the plane securely. Get some tips in this post on PhotoFocus. Thanks to @BWJones on Twitter for sharing the link.
  • A baker’s dozen predictions for 2010 – Predictions about the publishing industry for 2010. On IdeaLogical. Thanks to @publishingtalk on Twitter for sharing the link.
  • DHS Subpoenas Two Journalists Who Published Leaked Airline Security Changes – The Department of Homeland Security, which oversees the Transportation Security Administration, sent federal agents to the homes of two journalists and served them with subpoenas on Tuesday night to try to identify the source of a leak about aviation security changes imposed after the failed attempt on Christmas Day to blow up Northwest Flight 253. Read more by Judith Miller. Thanks to @yaksierra for sharing the link.
  • Knighthood for Patrick Stewart? Queen says make it so – Actor Patrick Stewart will be knighted by the Queen of England today. Thanks to @MikeTRose for sharing this geeky news tidbit. And congratulations to Sir Patrick!
  • Five Ways Apple’s Tablet May Change the World – The iPad is on the way, and it just might reduce calling costs, cut your commute, and, to the delight of journalists everywhere, pull print media back from the brink. In BusinessWeek. Thanks to @mjvalente for sharing the link.
  • Atheism is Boring to me now! What Happened? – Steve Thoms makes some valid points about why it’s more important to promote skepticism than atheism. He’s right, of course. On Thanks to @Daniel_Loxton on Twitter for sharing the link.

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