Interesting Links, August 2009

Interesting Links for August 2009.

  • The Evolution of Western Wear – How the cowboy introduced America’s only indigenous fashion category. In True West magazine. Thanks to @EstherSchindler for sharing the link.
  • Wis. jury: Father guilty in prayer death case – A central Wisconsin man accused of killing his 11-year-old daughter by praying instead of seeking medical care was found guilty Saturday of second-degree reckless homicide. The child’s death is tragic — can her father still believe? On Thanks to @derekcbart on Twitter for sharing the link.
  • Palin Spokespeople Deny Divorce Rumor – Darn. On CBSNews, which is a tiny bit more reliable than the other sources quoted on the divorce rumor.
  • Todd and Sarah Palin to divorce – Yeah, the family values poster woman. Is it true?
  • The Death of Journalism (Gawker Edition) – Ian Shapira writes about how Gawker ripped off an article he wrote for the Washington Post and what acts like that mean for the future of journalism. The piece highlights something I’ve been saying for a long time: blogs like Gawker and Huffington Post are building content based on the hard work of people not on their payrolls. There’s something ethically WRONG with this. But what’s worse is that when those people are no longer being paid to write, who will be doing the journalism? Thanks to @estherschindler on Twitter for sharing the link.
  • Fires around the Mediterranean – The Big Picture – – Over the past few weeks, high temperatures and strong winds have fueled a number of devastating fires in countries around the Mediterranean Sea. Spain, France, Italy and Greece have had hundreds of thousands of acres of forest and farmland devastated, dozens of homes destroyed and at least seven people killed, including six Spanish firefighters. Many of the fires have been contained, but much work remains, aided by the recent arrival of somewhat cooler temperatures. (35 photos total) From The Big Picture on Thanks to @DonPerreault on Twitter for sharing the link.
  • Can Do – And the Pursuit of Happiness Blog – – Read it and LEARN. On the Thanks to @DonPerreault for sharing the link on Twitter.
  • ‘High Risk, High Reward’ – John McCain Was Looking for a Way to Shake Up His Campaign. He Took a Surprising Gamble on a Relative Unknown. By Dan Balz and Haynes Johnson. Adapted from the book “The Battle for America 2008: The Story of an Extraordinary Election.” Thanks to @giaghani for sharing the link.
  • Bing Search Tainted by Pro-Microsoft Results – Just as Bing is gaining popularity and market share, some disturbingly “pro-Microsoft” search results rear their ugly heads. On Thanks to @EstherSchindler on Twitter for sharing the link.
  • The Complete Guide to Going Paperless – You already pay your bills online and get electronic statements, but there are even more ways you can stop killing innocent trees and wasting time and money dealing with paper. It’s time we went paperless. On Lifehacker.
  • The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan – CNN reports that young woman is suing her college because she could not get a job after graduating. Looks like someone is about to get a lesson in entitlement. Thanks to @jodene for sharing this link.
  • 26 Places to Find Free Multimedia for Your Blog – Nothing makes a blog post more eye-catching than a great header image, but not all publishers have artistic talent. And even accomplished digital creatives often crave some found material to start from or work with in a project. Luckily for all of the above, sources abound for finding a compelling photo to grab your readers’ eyes and draw them in, or to locate fresh multimedia to remix. Thanks to @estherschindler for sharing the link.
  • Does Atheism Make Life Meaningless? – Life is as happy and meaningful as you make it. On Unreasonable Faith. Thanks to @DonPerrault on Twitter for sharing the link.
  • Daring Fireball: Ninjawords: iPhone Dictionary, Censored by Apple – Apple requires you to be 17 years or older to purchase a censored dictionary that omits half the words Steve Jobs uses every day. On Daring Fireball. Thanks to @mjvalente on Twitter for sharing the link.
  • Smiley Face Atheists: Survey Finds Non-Believers to Be Upbeat — Politics Daily – A new study of some 5,800 non-believers reports that contrary to popular conceptions of atheists as crabby misanthropes, they in fact tend to be as happy as their believing brethren, and are in fact more satisfied than people who are uncertain in their beliefs, or in their unbeliefs. On Politics Daily. Thanks to @DJGrothe on Twitter for sharing the link.
  • Maddow calls out GOP operatives behind healthcare mobs – On Wednesday night, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow named names and called out Republican operatives and organizations that are “generating exploitative, manufactured, strategically deployed outrage” to benefit their corporate clientele. On Raw Story.
  • Conservatism And Healthcare – What do you want, GOP? A permanent populist culture-war? Or actual solutions to pressing problems? Let us know when you’ve matured enough to answer that question. On The Daily Dish by Andrew Sullivan. Thanks to @jodene for sharing the link.
  • Best Movie Food Scenes of All Time – Inside Movies – Great list, with clips. On Thanks to @estherschindler on Twitter for sharing the link.
  • You Do Not Have Health Insurance | The Baseline Scenario – Right now, it appears that the biggest barrier to health care reform is people who think that it will hurt them. According to a New York Times poll, “69 percent of respondents in the poll said they were concerned that the quality of their own care would decline if the government created a program that covers everyone.” Since most Americans currently have health insurance, they see reform as a poverty program — something that helps poor people and hurts them. If that’s what you think, then this post is for you. On the Baseline Scenario. Thanks to @jodene on Twitter for sharing the link.
  • How much disk space did Snow Leopard really save? – Learn more about why/how Snow Leopard saves disk space. By Cary Millsap.
  • – Apple has spent the last decade building and improving Mac OS X, fusing the classic Mac OS and technology acquired from Steve Jobs’s Next into an impressive mainstream operating system that’s widely considered the best in its class. But after a decade of constant advancement and regular operating-system upgrades, Apple has taken a pause with the release of Snow Leopard, also known as Mac OS X 10.6. Instead of adding hundreds of new features, Apple has chosen to use Snow Leopard to cut ties with the past, plan for the future, and take dead aim on its present competition. Read more in this Macworld review.
  • Mac OS X v10.6: About incompatible software – Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard is designed to protect your Mac from certain incompatible software that can quit unexpectedly or cause other issues in Mac OS X v10.6. When you install Snow Leopard or migrate to Snow Leopard, known-incompatible software is moved to a folder named Incompatible Software on your hard drive. Snow Leopard also prevents known-incompatible software from opening. If you see an “Incompatible software” message, contact the software’s vendor or visit their website for a later, compatible version. Read this article to learn more.
  • Mac OS X v10.6: About gamma 2.2 – To better serve the needs of consumers and digital content producers, Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard uses a gamma value of 2.2 by default. In versions of Mac OS X prior to 10.6, the default system gamma value was 1.8. Using the capabilities of ColorSync, the gamma value of 2.2 is automatically applied and seamlessly transitions your display, images and videos to the new gamma value. If you are a graphic or video professional, read this for more information.
  • YouTube – Snow Leopard and 64-Bit Mode – Learn more about Snow Leopard running 64-bit applications and whether you need to worry about if your Mac boots using the 64-bit kernel. On YouTube, by MacMost Video.
  • Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard: Compatibility – MacInTouch’s report on Snow Leopard Compatibility.
  • Info on Snow Leopard for Photographers – Scott Bourne discusses compatibility issues for photographers using Snow Leopard. On

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