Larry Says…

…that I’ve been writing too much about computers lately.

Larry didn’t tell me this, of course. He told Lorna. Lorna told me.

Larry could have used the comments feature. He could have said, “Maria, all this stuff about computers is fine and dandy for people with geekish tendencies like you, but it’s boring the rest of us. Please write about something else.”

Whereas I might have responded, in another comment on the same post, “Like what? Miatas?”

I don’t know if Larry liked my recent jokes. He didn’t comment. I’ve found that the only people who comment on a post are the people who don’t like what I have to say.

Miraz is the exception, of course. She adds useful information. She runs a WordPress-based blog, too, so she knows what the comment feature is for.

Oh, no. There I go talking about computers again. Sorry, Larry.

What do you think?